Early Access Until May 11 
The infant's update was released, and a lot of us have been playing and adoring them, including me, the player that usually speeds the clock to my game kids grow up fast.These cute little guys need a lot of love so I'm releasing my first set focused on kids.This set started with the Cribs. I saw this acrylic one many months ago and swear that I almost bought it for my dog. So I waited for the patch and tried to create it but, as any crib has an alpha layer(the mesh layer that allows us to add transparency), I had to almost construct an item from scratch to get this on the game, and love it so much!I even thought of releasing this set with some toddler items but there are plenty of items that I want to create for toddlers now so maybe a next set focused on toddlers' stuff.
  • You will get with this 22 new items and 3 new wallpapers;
  • I tried to focus on the Cribs and I really want a Crib that I could decorate by myself so I made a separate mattress, pillows, and even a blanket to place on it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to add more slots to the cribs so I recommend placing the crib first and decorating it when you are sure about the crib position;
  • There are some items that need a specific pack to play so pay attention to the list below;

Base Game Items:

  • Armchair Ondina  - 23 Swatches;
This armchair was made to be released in another set but it matched so well with the acrylic crib that I relocated it;
  • Dresser - 30 Swatches - Same design as the changing Station but I bit smaller and is BG compatible;
  • Crib Acrylic - 9 Swatches (including some fun ones);
  • Crib Wood - 30 Swatches;
  • Deco Bassinet Wood - 30 Swatches;
Made to be used with Sixam's Invisible Bassinet Mod. To know more about it, go to the mod page:
  • Flag - 19 swatches;
it's not really a flag, it's more like a fabric hung on the wall, but I saw this and thought it would be cute to have on the game; All drawings are original and made by me;
  • Wall Hanger - 23 Swatches;
  • Crib Mattress - 32 Swatches;
  • Crib Side Pillow - 32 Swatches;
  • Crib Side Pillow Roll - 32 Swatches;
  • Crib Blanket - 32 Swatches;
  • Ceiling Lamp - 5 Swatches, all 3 wall heights;
  • Leaf Rug - 19 Swatches;
  • Regia Rug - 19 Swatches;
The Regia Rug was inspired by an aquatic plant from the Amazonia, the Vitória Régia. It's a huge floating plant that looks like a tray.
  • Tamanduá Stool (a.k.a  Anteater) - It's an EndTable with two slots over it - 10 Swatches;
  • Tamanduá Toy (a.k.a Anteater) - it's a toy - 7 Swatches;
  • Wardrobe - 30 Swatches;

Nifty Knitting SP

  • Tornet Rocking Chair - 30 Swatches

Growing Together EP

  • Changing Station - 30 Swatches
I know that some creators released it BG Compatible and I'm investigating it. If I manage to create it I'll add a BG version separately;
  • Infant GYM - 9  Swatches
 This item was crazy to create.It was my first item that uses weight paint. I shared some of the processes on my Twitter account;