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To end 2022 and start 2023, I want to go back to my origins, to the things that made me start creating CC. Some Items that will help tell the story of that rich and wealthy Sim that is living on top of the world. No tacky gold, just classy and elevated stuff.

About CAVE

I know everything is very airy and bright on Pinterest, but every time something is trending, there will be another style to balance it out. There's a moody, dark movement in interior design slowly growing (again) and I love a dim room with dim lighting and accents of glass and gold. It smells like the big city, on high floors or penthouses, but it looks like ... a CAVE! And like CAVES, it is filled with natural stone and rocky textures.With cave I want to bring more maxis match items with this aesthetic to the game. It's a tough job because wenever you play with metals, glass, and light we need to take care not to cross the line between maxis match and alpha cc. But I'm doing my best to keep it as maxis match as I like.The idea is to cover all main rooms of an apartment so the set will be split over months. 

CAVE - Part One

Part one is all about textures. It was made to showcase the new wood, marble, and rock texture that sets the mood and will appear on other items of this collection. The dining room area was chosen to be the first because it has both big surfaces for marble and wood, comfy items with fabric or leather, and metal items in the suspended lamps. 

The items

  • There are 36 new items on this set - 12 Wallpapers and floors and 24 buy items;
  • Many of them were variations of the same item to fulfill almost all the needs;
  • All items have custom textures and meshes made on my own.
  • Light is everything in the Cave aesthetically so there are two types of suspension lamps plus a lot of variations to this panel light. IRL this panel is made with a fabric like a cinema screen so I replicated this look with a very subtle texture.
  • All lamps, including the panels, have their light tuned to simulate real-life light effects.
  • Many more lamps will be coming in the next parts

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