ZALZ Collection

Early Access Until Oct 27 

About the items

These items are inspired by some sofas by Jorge Zalzuspin. He was one of the greatest Brazilian modern designers of the mid-century. Their unique pieces will make a statement in any room.An all-new color swatch was made for this set and future sets, with colors you find on other furniture in the game. I think these bright colors are great and fun and made the pieces even more Maxis-Match.I made a new wood texture inspired by a Brazilian wood, Pau-Ferro. This wood was present in all furniture of the mid-century modern era. The real texture is very red with very dark veins but it didn't really match the style of the game so I reduced the contrast and made the colors more uniform.
  • 4 new full Sofa Sets with loveseats and armchairs
  • All items are compatible with the base game.

I really hope you have fun with these items.