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Brazilian Churrasco

We usually have a lot of barbecues in Brazil, all year round. It's our Sunday lunch with the family or our high school graduation party. We don't have a prom, we have a Churrasco. (just kidding, in some places there is a prom... but the next day there is a barbecue 😂).It is a dream for many of us to have a space dedicated to this in our homes or apartments. Usually, in the more expensive apartments, there is a grill built into the balcony.But this area is not just about the grill (and the party). When we have more space, we also build a wood-burning stove and a wood-burning oven. Both are used to cook foods that take longer to cook, so it's not something people use a lot. Except for my grandma (who turns 90 this week). She cooks Doce de Leite (Dulce de Leiche) on a concrete red wood-burning stove similar to the one in this set and my biggest inspo.

About the items

There are 10 items in this set.
  • Wood-burning stove (left and right side - 16 swatches);
  • Oven (needs DHD - 16 swatches - can be combined with the wood-burning stove using moo);
  • Two built-in grills, a trapezoidal top one and a flat top one (16 swatches)
  • Countertop grill (4 swatches);
  • 4 ducts, 3 metal, and one to extend the flat top grill (4 metal swatches; 16 plaster swatches)
There are wall deco slots on the oven and on the builtin grills (yes, we decorate our grills on Christmas)The ducts use the small decor slots, sometimes your sims will serve the food on it. I'm investigating a way to prevent this.

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The family in the promo pic is the Goodwin Family, made by my friend, CariocaSimmer.You can find her on:TwitterInstagramTumblrOrigin ID priscillabinato